Read by Arthur Morey and approximately thirteen hours of listening. Ah, joy … another sweet, sappy, ridiculously romantic Steel story. The formula you can easily guess. Glitter and opulence surround the life of the lead female character, a … wait for it … fashion designer. The lead male character a ridiculously handsome French doctor. Riddled with cliches, predictable to the extreme, First Sight is an  eye-rolling beach read.

In mid-July, maybe early August 2015, Audible provided a special deal on many Danielle Steel audiobooks, and I’ve been listening to them consecutively. ALL the stories follow the same basic formula that ultimately ends with the typical DanielleSteelesque boy-gets-girl happily-ever-after ending. Based on the author success, the formula is a profitable venture.

Morey does an okay job with the French doctor’s voice, but frankly, I’d rather listen to romance novels read by women. Although Steel novels never contain graphic sex, love-making and thoughts of love-making from the point of view of a female, read by a man, always makes me giggle.

Don’t hesitate to give as a gift, but be careful the recipient isn’t someone who would rather be reading Anna Karenina or a Tom Clancy thriller. Danielle Steel novels are not gray-matter material, they aren’t intended to be more than mawkish romantic escapes.

No surprises, the audiobook is difficult to finish; you’ll fast-forward through very repetitive, sickly sentimental prose. I found myself saying aloud, ‘Okay, get on with it; I get it.”. However, if you are among the legions of Steel fans, a teenaged girl, an an incurable romantic, you’ll likely enjoy.




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