Amazing Grace is just over nine hours of listening, read by Tom Dheere.

Danielle has a tried and true formula, and all of the elements are here. A strong female character. A catastrophic event. Emotions. In Amazing Grace, we’ll do a San Francisco earthquake.

Repeating myself with other Danielle Steel book reviews …. but if you’re a fan, you’ll understand from where I speak :-). Danielle Steel is one of the most prolific writers in America today. You either love her or hate her, there really is no in-between, and she has legions of fans. If you are ever in the mood for sweet romance, meaning a teenaged girl can read the book, pick up a Danielle Steel novel. It’s easy to become absorbed, the stories are not gray-matter growth material; they aren’t intended to be. Danielle Steel is a die-hard romantic, and directs her talents to that end, pretty much exclusively.

A typical, Danielle Steelesque, satisfying conclusion. Her books often speak to personal familial relationships and issues, as does Amazing Grace.

I’m pretty simple when it comes to critique of a narrator. If I don’t have to re-wind to determine who-is-talking-to-who, I’m good. Ergo, Dheere does a decent production.

Beach reading paradise? Sorry if my review is redundant, similar to other Danielle Steel books. But, hey … the books are a bit redundant, too. Enjoy … if you like Danielle Steel reads, you will.




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