Dust to Dust, an audiobook read by David Colacci, about 14.5 hours of listening. Right up the alley of Tami Hoag’s modus operandi, this is a police procedural.

You may find the story initially confusing because of the plethora of character names, which seems typical of Hoag’s stories. I found myself re-winding several times. One of these names might be the bad-guy, right? Anyway, the names came quickly and I eventually kept moving forward, keeping track of Sam Kovac and Nikki Liska, the lead characters in this series … ultimately a sufficient tactic to enjoy the story. Dust to Dust begins with what appears to be suicide. The victim is an internal affairs cop, recently having come out-of-the-closet. His retired cop father commits suicide shorty thereafter. Thus is the foundation of this mystery released in audiobook format by Audible in 2014, but in other formats much earlier, around 2000? I acquired the book in a recent Audible Daily Deal.

This is a story of ‘the thin blue line’, i.e., a line cops don’t want to cross in snitching on another cop. Can be a death sentence. Oops … spoiler?  No trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who, so David Colacci does a good narration. Enjoy!




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