Various authors, four hours, read by full cast. If you’ve ever watched The Twilight Zone television episodes, all tales in this listen will be familiar and you’ll picture the actors and settings from your memory. The familiar tune leads off each episode, and rather than hearing the voice of Rod Serling, you’ll hear the introductions and epilogs narrated by Stacy Keach. There are many, many Twilight Zone episodes, the four-hour file I listened to contains only the following:

“Night Call” starring Mariette Hartley
“Long Live Walter Jameson” starring Lou Diamond Phillips
“The Lateness of the Hour” starring Jane Seymour and James Keach
“The Thirty-Fathom Grave” starring Blair Underwood
“The Man in the Bottle” starring Ed Begley, Jr.
“Night of the Meek” starring Chris McDonald

As enjoyable and enchanting as the television series. Your visions will be black and white, however :-). Have fun!



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