Read by Scott Brick, 13 hours of listening. This story is very dark, depressing, and very sad. A PTSD stricken man is in the process of committing suicide. He’s lost pretty much everything he loved, wife and child via divorce, a friend in war. Add to this, he has ALS and not much longer to liveIf you’re looking for feel-good reading, this isn’t for you.

Nate, the lead character, finds himself a hero, killing a slew of bank-robbers, except one. The remaining bank-robber is the vicious liaison to a psychopath resulting in a cat and mouse thriller, life and death traversing the pages. The minute you think this poor guy can take a breath and relax … boom, he’s off and running in a fight for his life or the lives of others.

It’s a great thriller, but be prepared … the killers are chilling and to them, life means nothing. This audiobook was released in 2012. Scott Brick, as usual, does a stellar job. Well worth the purchase, if you’re in the mood for some thrilling, and depressing, reading. Enjoy!



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