Read by Debra Monk, approximately eleven hours of listening. The Snow Child has a few gazillion reviews, ergo not much for me to add. There are only a few observations. First, the reader must suspend belief. This is an ethereal, ephemeral fairy tale based on the creation of a child from snow who grows into a beautiful young woman. Second, the reader must be into descriptive prose, there is considerable. The setting is the Alaskan wilderness, the 1920s homestead efforts of a childless couple in their 50s. The Snow Child is character driven, and the story is one of parenthood, familial relationships, friendship, love, and the hardships of a wilderness life in a breathtaking world of mountains and snow.

The story is beautifully written, the narration nicely done. Although I listened to an audiobook, I had no trouble turning the page. Enjoy!




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