Narrated by Robert Glenister, approximately 17 hours of listening. For those unaware, Robert Galbraith is a pen name for J. K. Rowling, and stating the obvious, in case you’ve been living under a rock: J. K. Rowling is the well known author of the Harry Potter series. Silkworm seems to be her attempt to penetrate an adult market. Briefly said, in my opinion, she should stick to young adult material. Silkworm is too long, verbose, and the characters are unlikeable … at least by me. I listened to this story for approximately 10 chapters, and gave up. I simply didn’t care “who-done-it” or “why”.

As far as the reader, Robert Glenister … typical English voice reading. The lead character is a private investigator, and Glenister does a credible job. The female voices are weak, however.

Sorry, J.K. Loved the Harry Potter books, they are brilliant children’s literature. You taught an entire generation to love reading books … kudos to you. But, this Robert Galbraith stuff? Not my “cup ‘o tea”.



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