Read by Steven Kearney, approximately ten hours of listening. The Fixer is the victim of a debilitating stroke, fifteen years ago. The main character is The Fixer’s son, an investigative journalist. Following a slew of personal failures, i.e., loss of fiancè, job, apartment, etc., Rick Hoffman crashes at his childhood home, virtually abandoned since his father’s stroke. Long story short, he finds a few million dollars hidden in his father’s home office wall. Now what? Thus is the premise of The Fixer.

The Fixer put me in mind of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories, the Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Many clues are drizzled through the prose and new possibilities suddenly pop forward. The story will keep you guessing and you’ll find yourself working through a complex mystery and empathize with Rick Hoffman. Initially, I was prepared to dislike the guy, finding himself suddenly wealthy and flaunting with some obnoxious attitude. Didn’t take long, though, for me to root for him to solve the dilemma, restore a familial relationship, and not get killed in the process.

Judging the narrator of an audiobook is simple for me. I need to clearly understand who-is-talking-to-who without needing to replay a segment, and not be distracted from the story because of the reading. Ergo …. Steven Kearney is okay!

If you’re a fan of Joseph Finder, you’ll surely like this mystery and find it well worth a credit. Enjoy!!




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