Read by Christopher Lane and just over ten hours of listening. Make no mistake, Valhalla is a page-turning thriller. You will be compelled to listen to what scrape the main character wriggles his way through next. The story begins with a wealthy Texan discovering a WWII aircraft beneath the Greenland ice. The author teases with conveying cargo of potentially fascinating WWII memorabilia … Roosevelt gifts and letters. Exciting plot with these simple bits, right? But … shortly we get into the real meat of the tale! Another mystery is several hundred feet deeper … and at least a thousand years older.

You’ll be hard pressed to imagine how the lead characters can possibly survive some situations, which is a main thread … one dire circumstance following another. From frost bite in Greenland to claustrophobia in an island tunnel off the coast of Maine to grazing gunshots … from White House skullduggery to Al Qaeda to corporate greed. Throw in a thousand year old Viking ship, an ancient cult,  and the fact that Leif Erikson was a god. Really? Imaginative stuff! Fun listen, enjoy.




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