At the beginning of The Lone Wolf, you’ll be introduced to Kasey Sanford. Within a few words, you’ll immediately relate to a woman leading what is on the surface a fairy-tale life that is shattered by the infidelity of her husband, David. The day-to-day business of living for Kasey is turned upside down as she is confronted with forks in a road she never dreamed of traveling. Understanding her role as a partner through life is the journey a reader will travel with page-turning pleasure and sadness. E.D. Martin expertly brings forth the empathy of the reader with an unusual and wonderful approach, alternating character views with Andrew Adams, the man Kasey will ultimately turn to for healing the ache and confusion of a collapsing life. Carrying a load of his own demons, chemistry draws them together in mutual need.

The Lone Wolf is a character driven story. As with most people, personal history dominates behavior, and the methodology used to reveal the motivations and behavior of Andrew is artfully done. No spoilers here, but you will find the process of this presentation a pleasant read.

I recommend this book, and I’m looking forward to a continuation of this story.




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