Paranoia is a hair under thirteen hours of listening. Adam Cassidy hates his job as a grunt in a high-tech firm. He gets caught in an innocent no-no that, with prosecution, would land him in jail. Rather than take that nightmare ride, Adam agrees to the undercover role of a spy with a competitor. This sounds innocuous enough until you realize that the high-tech world is extraordinarily cut-throat and competitive. Even though Adam Cassidy is a man of questionable moral character, the new boss is ultimately a problem in that the man is scrupulously honest, rare for a CEO. Adam is beginning to develop a loyalty to this employer who is treating him like a son. What now? Thus is the thrust of Paranoia and there are twists and turns to enjoy ahead!

I listened ten years ago and listening again was a pleasure. Some of the fictional technology in Paranoia is reality today. Scott Brick, as usual, is amazing. He brings forth the author’s intent beautifully with voice inflection and the overall timbre of the tale. Thrills, terror, humor, corporate skulduggery, and yes … “paranoia” … all are awesomely presented.

Even though this story is ten years old, the circumstances of corporate games, boardroom drama, etc., could all come from headlines today.




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