Written in a style of very modern writing, Lady Sun makes many references to 21st Century cultural morays, i.e., Amazon, Google and Google Earth,   such Hollywood icons as Tom Hanks and his Castaways co-star, Wilson, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon in the Jason Bourne role, the long running television show, Jeopardy. Even Barnes and Nobel is mentioned. That bricks and mortar books store will certainly be a complete unknown, maybe even before I finish this review :-). Not a book you would call one-for-the-ages … but, a book that will truly be a flash-to-the-past in 100 years for anyone interested in what life was like in 2015. Chapter one begins with the lead character, Sophie, gazing at her definition of paradise from the portholes of a yacht: a sandy beach with palm trees. And, for a reason not yet defined by the author, a prisoner. How’d she get in this predicament? What happened? Thus begins a tale of adventure and romance.

A light read, Lady Sun has all the elements, mysteries, thrills, good guys and bad guys, a sweet romance, and yes  a paradise of a setting. The male lead, Lucas, would be a great castaway for any red-blooded girl :-). Enjoyed!! 



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