Read by MacLeod Andrews, Sick is just under ten hours of listening. The story starts out with a thrilling scene at a military base; a man and his family are violently separated by scary hazmat-wearing men and hustled to an unknown fate. Mom is dead. The bad guys are creating a pathogen to reduce world population by 99%, and members of this family have a natural immunity. The story arc is a quest for the main character to find his children. The book is exciting, you’ll have no trouble ‘turning-the-page’. In my opinion, it slows down a bit hear the end, and it’s never clearly stated how world-disaster is averted. It seems that there are many, many people involved in a global conspiracy to end civilization as we know it, but at the end of the story only one mad scientist and a couple of cooperative guards are featured. A few loose ends that might be addressed in sequels.

The reader was fine, no problem identifying who-says-what-to-who. He does a decent job with the voices of children and women.

Worth a credit. Enjoy!




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