Another review for the In Death series! Woot-woot-woot! Yikes, what else is there to say about this series? I’ve read, rather listened to, the entire series. If you’re a fan, you already know the characters … and, they are wonderful. But, I’m ready to gripe a little. First, in my humble opinion, Eve Dallas is “over-the-top”, a lot. There. I said it. Go ahead, shoot me. I realize this is all part of her character, but she’s a bit much sometimes. She is a brilliant and relentless investigator, but she is also unbelievably snarky and obnoxious with regard to pretty much everything. Even her handsome husband and friends fall victim. I mean, come on, who in their right mind would bitch about the house Roarke has created, the beautiful clothes he buys for her, jewelry. Gimme a break. She needs to chill a bit and enjoy her world a bit more.

Nuff griping about Eve.

The audiobook is read by Susan Erickson, and her portrayal of the In Death characters is superb, as usual. You are really doing yourself a disservice if you don’t listen to these stories rather that just read them. Ericsson and Nora Roberts have created an amazing group of wonderful characters that the audiobooks simply bring to life.

Festive In Death, in a similar vein to a previous In Death mystery, takes place during Christmas. Murder and mayhem. If you’re a fan of the In Death series, you’ll enjoy the story.



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