Read by Carol Hendrickson, Delayed Diagnosis is just over ten hours of listening. This is Book 1 in the Rhea Lynch, MD series of mysteries. Rhea Lynch returns from a vacation to chaos. Her best friend is near catatonic, cannot speak, diagnosed with having had a stroke. More people show up in the ER with similar symptoms. But … it is not a stroke, rather a devious, diabolic attempt to silence individuals who know the truth. Evil beyond description. Who done it? Rhea Lynch digs. Take a ride with Delayed Diagnosis and find out!

Nice introduction to a character, however, if I were to have my druthers, the author would taper back with the educational medical verbiage. Speaking metaphorically, I wasn’t too interested in how the watch was built, only that it was ticking. Robin Cook, author of medical thrillers such as Coma and Outbreak, would like this story, right up his alley. Narration is great, no trouble discerning who-says-what-to-who … no trouble sticking with this story, a page turner. Enjoy!




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