Narrated by Richard Poe, Deception Point is approximately seventeen hours of listening. Although not specifically stated, the catalyst for this book is likely the discovery of a meteorite in Antartica that was thought to contain evidence of life on Mars. The event involved an announcement by then President Bill Clinton, NASA dignitaries at his side, given approximately two or three years prior to publication of this book. Deception Point is too similar, and it would be too much of a coincidence, for that announcement not to have been the seed planted in Dan Brown’s brain which grew into this story.

Deception Point begins with the exact scenario, except this meteorite is huge, buried in ice, evidence of creepy-crawlers from outer space within. A presidential election is forthcoming, the incumbent’s rival an anti-NASA expense advocate. Politics, skullduggery, scheming, sex scandals, murder, all manner of fun abounds with a delightful mix of fact and fiction, typical of Dan Brown. Is the meteorite real? Do we finally have proof that ‘we are not alone.’? Or … is this whole thing a scam to keep NASA alive and funded? Read on and enjoy!




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