Just under sixteen hours of listening, read by Joyce Bean. Joyce Bean does a good job, voices unique, good tempo and timing, a nice audio production.

I suppose one would have to say this story evoked emotion, which in a way, is a good thing. However, the emotion for me was one of aggravation. The character of Jade was one of an angst ridden, obnoxious, insulting, rotten brat. She is obsessed with no one but herself, which is typical rebellious teenaged behavior, but for me it was over-the-top and annoying, If I had spoken to my mother the way Jade speaks to Sarah, I’d have been picking up my teeth. I was hoping the author would kill her off ….

The story is a bit formulaic. Sarah moves her two girls to a the back-water town of her youth, to restore the homestead. Sarah’s childhood was abusive and secrets from her past filter through to the book climax and will ultimately involve her children. An old high-school flame is rekindled, a requisite part of this type of story. It’s the tale of a dysfunctional family with a few ghosts thrown in for good measure. I think this author might be a fan of Nora Roberts, as the entire story arc has that type of vibe.

If you can take teenaged angst, go for it … I had no trouble finishing the story. The ending is a twist.




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