Read by Carol Cowan and Michael Hanson, The Bad Place is just over fifteen hours of listening.

There are actually two simultaneous stories and you’ll wonder how Koontz will be bringing these two journeys together.

First, the story begins with Frank Pollard waking in an alley. Frank knows his name but nothing else. Why or how he wound up in an alley, what he does for a living, where he lives, if there is a family … all is unknown. No car, only a duffle bag. He knows absolutely nothing other than the fact that he is running or hiding from ‘something’, and it is evil and scary. Frank also is plagued with what the reader will assume to be sleep-walking in that he wakes in hotel rooms with blood on his hands and clothes, or jewels in his pocket … and always bags of cash. Frank seeks out the services of a married team of private investigators … Julie and Bobby Dakota. Add to this duo Julie’s brother, Thomas, a gentle soul living in a shelter as a down-syndrome victim. Thomas is also gifted with extraordinary extra sensory perception; he just ‘knows’ things.

The second tale is the grizzly and macabre; we’re talkin’ Dean Koontz, here. Candy is a guy who murders people and animals when he’s hungry, drinks blood, has sisters who do the same, has a mother buried in his back yard, etc. You know the type.

No spoilers, but the stories merge with delightful hide-under-the-covers terror. Keep the lights on when you listen!

The narrators do a great job, particularly Carol Cowan. Have you have listened to any Nevada Barr books read by Barbara Rosenblat? If so, Carol Cowan is very similar. She certainly had me thinking of Anna Pigeon :-). Enjoyed.




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