This story is over three hundred pages long in written format and just under seven hours of listening in audiobook format. Unusual for the self-published book, Souls of Astraeus is available in all formats, hardcover, paperback, ebook, and audiobook. This reader took advantage of the ebook and audiobook options. The reason I included the audiobook, is that, also unusual, Souls of Astraeus is read by the author. How better to grasp the nuance of the written word than as interpreted by the author? An example is Bag of Bones … written, and read, by Stephen King, a wonderful story. Personally, I’m of the opinion that a new author approaches writing with truly serious intent if his first published work is available in all formats. 

Back to Souls of Astraeus. The story begins in a dystopian world wonderfully described. The human race has pretty much wiped itself out, with the exception of a fractional number of people who have defined a strict set of guidelines to insure the survival of humanity. About seven hundred years further into the future, the lead character, Akal, is thrown into circumstances of rebellion. His wife is banished from the safety of the collective group, simply because she gets angry about population control rules … she’s not able to have a baby unless they say so, well … she sort of pitches a fit. An angry Akal winds up getting himself killed. These events are the catalysts for Akal to rescue his wife from unknown fate and stop the life restrictive rules of this society.

Throw into the mix the fact that Akal has lived a few billion previous lives, and not all of them on earth, and not all of them human! You’ll also witness Akal emotionally and mentally grow and mature. Of particular creative genius are amazing perceptions … the processes we have all wondered about death and possible reincarnation. Has anyone never asked themselves, ‘What happens when I die?’. Well, Souls of Astraeus will surely present more ideas to ponder.

If you enjoy Sci-Fi, a future of unimaginable thrills and inventive artistry, click the book cover below to go directly to Amazon. You’ll be glad you did. Enjoy!




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