Scandalous Endeavors is approximately one hundred forty pages long, available in eBook/Kindle format, written by debut author Amanda Marie. My first comment is with regard to the cover design selected by Amanda Marie; it is simply beautiful, and very appropriate for the content.

This story begins in 1842 London at the funeral of Amelia’s father. As expected, Amelia is devastated with this loss. As she is also very young, Amelia is now under the guardianship of Uncle Lewis, her only surviving relation. Conflict? Uncle Lewis is from America, having made the journey to England for his brother’s funeral. He has ordered Amelia to sail back to America and arranged for her to live on his plantation until she is old enough to make her own choices. Thus begins a tale of desperate schemes for Amelia to stay in her beloved England. The solution? Marriage. Time being of paramount importance, the only logical option is a marriage of convenience to any eligible bachelor. Although the entire story takes place in England, Amelia will bring to mind Scarlett O’Hara. Beautiful, privileged, spoiled, servants at her whim, you’ll find yourself torn between admiring her scheming ways and wanting to shake her for being such a self-centered brat :-). With a singular objective, Amelia devises one devious tactic following another to entrap a suitable mate. No spoilers, but a handsome rake will loom his gorgeous persona and turn her head.

Amanda Marie does a great job with 19th century cultural morays, in language choice, social picadillos, and environmental detail. The graceful manner of decorum is a fascinating insight, and it is well presented by Amanda. You’ll have no trouble turning the pages of this historical romance. Enjoy!




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