At over two hundred pages, Imaginary Cay is available in paperback and eBook and is a debut novel written by Colin Hodson. A most intriguing aspect is your immediate impression. The author has gone to extreme measures with the inclusion of an island map. Very nice addition. The story, an adventure, begins with a British couple, Andrew and Lucy. Neither is particularly enthused with their job, are in the doldrums about the weather, and simply decide to cast fate into a new direction. Andrew lucks out with a job in the Bahamas, pops the question to Lucy, and the two begin their new lives.

Initially, this new life is an incredible dream-come-true. A beautiful home, friendly neighbors, the breathtaking paradise of the islands, sailing, swimming. Andrew and Lucy seem to have it all. Or do they? Are they really in paradise? Or …..  The characters are deftly created, the setting spectacular. The author has done a terrific job with conveying the ambiance and cultural morays of the people and environment, easily slipping tidbits of detail throughout the prose. Very subtly educational about the Bahamas and island life … nicely done.

No spoilers, but he story builds momentum slowly, allowing you to enjoy the islands, the characters, and suddenly you’ll be taking a thrilling ride. Enjoy!!




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