Foehammer is close to three hundred pages long, written by author Duncan Campbell. In an extraordinarily original world, Campbell weaves an intriguing story that defies a single genrè. Foehammer is a mystery, SciFi, paranormal, horror, and more. Well defined characters traverse through a story that will grab your interest immediately and be prepared to hang on for a whirlwind ride; it only gets better.

Futuristic in substance, Foehammer brings together a quirky group of characters, a virus, mind control, The White House, and much, much more! This all sounds a little disparate, but what a treat. The story is twenty years in the future and I found it interesting that the author makes a note of the fact that “TV voting is at an all time high” … personally, I hope it is more common place by then. We have the technology now. Anyway, throw in unexpected twists, good, evil, the scary stuff, and stir it all up in a soup of delightful reading. Don’t start Foehammer before bedtime. You’ll be up too late! Enjoy…




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