About fourteen hours, read by Dick Hill. This story was released in 2008, so it’s been around a while, but it is deep into the series created by Child surrounding the exploits of Jack Reacher.

Story: A Secret Service agent, once the lover of Jack Reacher’s deceased brother Joe, asks him to penetrate her circle of defense around the Vice President. She wants Reacher to attempt assassination. Is her coverage of the VP sufficient to keep the man alive? Reacher gets to work and thus is the thrust of Without Fail.

Reading by Dick Hill, always the voice of Jack Reacher, is predictable. He’s a pleasure to listen to, pacing and tempo nice. But, as usual, you’ll get a dose of the breathless female character, Hill’s standard modus operandi.

Jack Reacher adventures are also predictable, part of the fun. He’s type A, hard nosed, a loner, always seeming to get into circumstances of peril. Of course, he saves the day, usually the country, bloodying up a few in the process. Although Reacher fulfills these roles in Without Fail, Child plays around a bit with character personality and vulnerability. In this story, Reacher maintains his stoicism, but a couple of love interests are intertwined more than usual. The federal agent who once loved Reacher’s brother winds up in bed with him; Reacher puts on his dead brother’s clothes from her closet, plus Reacher has a beautiful sidekick helping him out with the case. Very strange behavior for the Reacher character. I suppose some fans will find this a pleasurable twist from the expected, but it was a bit distracting, at least for this listener.

If you’re a fan of Jack Reacher, have at it. I think you’ll find it a bit different, however. You’ll enjoy.




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