The Tegen Cave, a novel by Inge-Lise Goss, is just under 270 pages in length and available in paperback, Kindle, ebook.

The story opens with a murder. Not some boring gun shot or knife slash … but a murder via spider bite. Now that the author has your attention, she executes an adrenaline filled escape. Sara Jones, an independent twenty-something, escapes from a crime family involved in child trafficking, drugs, all nasty stuff Sara just doesn’t want to be part of her life. With no particular destination in mind, and on the advice of seemingly innocuous fellow bus passengers met along her journey, Sara settles in Montana, hoping to leave the horrid world behind. Shortly, while ensconced in a hotel and getting ready to apartment hunt, Sara is befriended by a handsome, nice guy.

Enter more spiders. Lots of spiders.

At this point, the reader, and Sara, are forced into suspecting everybody. Who can Sara trust? Who is out to get her? Is the crime family killing people with spiders? Is the crime family the good guys and Sara is being sucked into a ‘spider cult’? Why is she immune to the spider bite that will paralyze and kill someone else? Why is she having a different physical reaction? As the pages are quickly turned in this story, you’ll be artfully swayed, completely convinced you know where Goss is headed, then boom … wrong turn. What fun!!

Not recommended as a young adult book. Although tastefully done, and most detail left to the reader imagination, there is considerable sex some may consider gratuitous, but it is all part of the story of the Tegen species and the character development of Sara.

The Tegen Cave has it all: horror … spiders, lots and lots of spiders, science fiction, mystery, romance, thriller, paranormal … and best of all … magic!




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