At just over eight hours of listening, The President’s Pilot is a bit shorter than my usual preference. I like ‘m long. The story is, however, a page turner; you’ll be caught up immediately in the story and something is happening all the time.

I’d have preferred a different take on the opening. The Vice President of the United States is getting a blow job while on the telephone with the President. A silly, trashy, and gratuitous attempt at shock and awe by the author, in my opinion; it served no other purpose and nearly had me stop the recording and delete the book. But, since I purchased this story as part of Audible’s Daily Deals, I persevered and was ultimately rewarded.

A second criticism is the persona of the President of the United States. The President is a woman, and I’ll give some points for that, however the author infused the character with his chauvinistic attitude. The character is wimpy, often uncertain, frequently frightened, and dependent upon decisions of others, men of course. This President even considered her philandering Vice President as her ‘rock’, somehow accomplishing this even being fully cognizant of his kinky proclivities. The pilot, a man, is our stoic, handsome hero, the President a damsel in distress. Stereotypical. Kudos to the author’s knowledge and or research of airplanes, flying, the military. Some nice, tense moments.

Story: A seedy group of Washington insiders, in a misguided act of patriotism, effect a coupe that includes sabotage of Air Force One. It is up to the plane’s pilot to save the day, and the President. Thus is the thrust of The President’s Pilot.

It will take a while for you to get into the rhythm and tempo of the reading by Thomas Block. There is just something off, but I can’t put my finger on the problem. You be the judge, but he’s no Dick Hill or Scott Brick, in my opinion.




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