Read by Bronson Pinchot and just over ten hours of listening, Snowman is a feel good story about a homely plow horse headed for slaughter that is rescued by a riding lesson teacher, at a cost of eighty dollars, in the late 50s. In a rags to riches true story, Snowman’s gentle, even temperament is his ticket to a life of leisure in an elite girls school in New York state. Hidden in the amazing animal’s skill set is an astounding ability to jump. The United States is in need of a hero, and Snowman fills the bill by winning one horse show after another.

There is considerable superfluous historical information that is not relevant to the story, but I suppose of interest so some. There is a good deal of information regarding the history of the horse in general throughout time, wars, etc. The role played by horses in the creation of the ASPCA is intriguing.

Pinchot’s reading is adequate, pacing and tempo acceptable, but not extraordinary. In my opinion, a much better job was done with the tale of Seabiscuit, maybe because that horse had a more interesting story. The author knowledge of horses, training, stables, and all things equine shines throughout.

If you are a horse person, you’ll be enchanted. If youre not, the story is educational. Worth the listen.




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