Suspicion is just over ten hours of listening, read by Steven Kearney. The story begins with a struggling single father, a writer named Danny Goodman. Fun that Joseph Finder would create a writer-character. Anyone who has walked in those shoes will easily grasp the nuances of a writer’s life conveyed in these pages. Agent pressure, deadlines, life stepping into the path of productivity. Writing is work, a job.

To the story, however … typical of teenagers, Danny’s daughter, Abby, is self-absorbed. Mr. Finder is likely a father because this character portrayal is pretty accurate. Danny does his absolute best to make the girl’s life the best he can. This involves keeping up with the Jones at an expensive school the poor guy can’t afford. Tuition, a European trip, etc., is killing him, and Abby’s best friend’s father comes to a financial rescue.

Thus is the thrust of a web Finder masterfully weaves. No spoilers here, you’ll get this quickly … but, you’ll come to learn this philanthropic guy is connected to a Mexican drug cartel, and the DEA blackmails Danny into cooperation. Who can Danny trust? Who is really a good guy? Suspicion is aptly titled, because as a listener, I was suspect of everybody. Thrills abound and all of the characters come to life. You’ll think you have the mystery figured out, then Finder artfully makes you pause and think again.

Steven Kearney does an excellent job. The many voices are distinctive and you’ll easily grasp who-is-talking-to-who. I searched for other readings by Kearney on Audible and was disappointed to find none. He has an excellent future in audiobook narration so I hope he continues down this career path.

I’ve listened to many Joseph Finder novels and Suspicion ranks right up there with his best. Enjoy!




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