An exciting read. At just over two hundred pages, Encryption contains a gripping story of murder, high-tech, infidelity. No spoilers, this is included in the author summary: A startling event at the end of chapter one had me on the edge of my seat because the author killed off what I assumed to be the main character … wow, now what! I started to like the guy, and boom! Bill Ward is a master at end-of-chapter intrigue. You must turn the page. Lean back and comfortably absorb backstory and detail that fills out the story masterfully.

Encryption simply soars. A small high-tech firm develops an encryption product that protects data from prying eyes. An accountant discovers discrepancies, is murdered. Enter the true protagonist, Peter Hammond, the accountant’s brother. Thus begins a journey of intelligent, creative writing. Rich characters and a plot from today’s headlines traverse the pages of a story that ends too quickly.

If you’re a fan of Ludlum, and love descriptive prose like that of Michener, you’ll be right at home. Enjoy!




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