Put simply, this is a ‘wow’ book. Such a fun read! Do you know a youngster you’d like to get hooked on reading? Give Dawn of Rebellion by Michelle Lynn a shot and you’ll create a book convert! The story is of sisterly love and determined devotion, which is a wonderful thing. It’s also one of thrilling adventure. America was originally a dumping ground for Europe to rid itself of degenerates, really…read some history of our very early days following discovery of our sea-to-shining-sea land. Well, in Dawn of Rebellion, in the dystopian future world created by Lynn, the colonies are again where the perceived evil-doers of Europe are condemned.

As a girl in London, Gabby is condemned to the penal world of the colonies as punishment for a shoplifting event. In a bold rescue attempt, Gabby’s sister Dawn, journeys to the colonies as a stowaway with a handsome companion in tow. Thus begins this trek of exciting adventure. The story is told from multiple perspectives, divergent points of view. You’ll see through the eyes of Gabby and her perilous situation, through the eyes of Dawn and her quest. A unique approach.

Personally, I don’t usually enjoy YA stories because I have a difficult time getting through the angst usually pervading the pages. Not so with Dawn of Rebellion. It’s simply a good, page turning story of young people with goals. Not great literature … it’s not intended to be. It’s simply a well written, young adult mystery to enjoy. Don’t hesitate with this one, you’ll find it a pleasure … and it would make a terrific gift for a young reader. You might just get a kid hooked on books.




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