Company Man has been around for quite a while. This audiobook version, read by Scott Brick, was released over ten years ago. Unabridged, approximately eighteen hours of listening. The story centers on a Michigan manufacturer, the CEO burdened with unprecedented layoffs. It’s often overlooked how dreadfully difficult it is for the decision maker in layoffs situations. Believe it, the guy that must lay off you or a loved one will likely puke his guts out that night. The boss hates the job as much as anybody, and he has a boss too.

Anyway, to Company Man. Once an admired member of the community and now a despised pariah that has idled a large percentage of the town is caught in a spider web of murder and a relentless female cop. Harboring all the ramifications of the recent death of his wife, dealing with an obnoxious teenaged son and an innocent, trusting daughter, a budding romance, office skulduggery, Nick Conover makes for a likable character. This is a fun story because the people are real, your neighbors, relatives; the events could all happen.

Scott Brick’s performance is, as usual, stellar. Just the right tempo, pacing. Nicely done. Creative story telling. Enjoy!



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