Close to eleven hours of listening, narrated by Dick Hill. 24 Hours is a kidnapping for ransom thriller. This version was released in July of 2008. The story centers around Will, a doctor, and his wife and their five year old daughter. The nightmare begins with the abduction of the child by a mentally deficient man. His controlling brother, Joey, the mastermind, has control over the wife, and Will is initially clueless, at a convention. Will is approached by what he assumes is a hooker, a woman who is actually the third partner in the kidnapping scheme.

The character of Huey, the mentally challenged brother, will bring to mind the character of Karl in the movie Sling Blade. Huey has a child-like innocence and treats the little girl well. But, like Karl, violence could erupt instantly, including the death of the little girl.

There are several female voices in 24 Hours, and if you’ve listened to Dick Hill, well…female voices are not exactly his fortè. The female characters are aways breathless and moronic. Hill does a good job with the voice of the five year old little girl, however. If you can get past this picadillo, Dick Hill’s narration is wonderful, as usual.

The story is tense, a page turner, twists abound … and pretty formulaic for a kidnapping for ransom yarn. If you’re a fan of Iles, you’ll enjoy.



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