Three Things I Did When My Father Died is a coming of age tale, in a way. You’ll journey with Daniel 1 through Daniel 5, and other characters will travel through the pages with you, with numerics a creative tool for the reader to grasp a timeline of development, in both physical and in emotional maturity. Very inventive thinking on the part of Alex McKechnie. The story begins with the death of Daniel’s father, the funeral, and within a chapter you will find yourself engrossed in McKenchnie’s style, as he throws a few writing conventions ‘out-the-window’, which makes the read fun and intriguing. Daniel struggles with his relationships not only with his father, but his mother, grandmother (who is wonderful, by the way), others, and you will pull for his ultimate understanding. Turn of phrase and a true understanding of the human condition, reactions, all are terrific … the author has a beautiful ability to put his thoughts to words. Nicely done. This story can easily be read in one sitting; it’s less than 170 pages long … but, not easily read once. Enjoyed.



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