Approximately fifteen hours of listening, read by Ron McLarty and Orlagh Cassidy, The Escape is book number three in the John Puller – Victoria Knox thrillers. As in the other books, McLarty and Cassidy do a great job, smooth transitions. Production is very typical of Baldacci, lots of attention to music and special sound effects. There are three male Pullers in this story. John, the main character, Robert, his older brother, who’s escape from prison is the subject matter, and John, Sr., daddy in a retirement facility. Words for the listener that took me some time to figure out: When the author simply says ‘Puller’, think John, Jr., the main character, and you’ll usually be right.

The story surrounds The Escape of Robert Puller from prison and John Puller’s pursuit of his brother’s freedom and justice for the evil doers. Not giving any secrets away here, because you can easily guess Robert has been framed. He’s a Puller, they’re always good-guys. Not quite up to Baldacci standards, in my opinion. There are many characters to keep mental track of, some who’s omission wouldn’t have done the story any harm. If you’re a fan of the Puller-Knox thrillers, it’s gonna be your kinda book. Some interesting twists, enjoy!




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