This story starts with heart-thumping action on the first page. As a reader, all I could think is, ‘Wow, where can he go from this?’ Well, hold-on, because he keeps going. The Branches of Time is a thrill ride of good and evil. Characters are well rounded, empathetic, colorful. Action is tense and for a fantasy novel, believable situations.

Only a couple of hesitations in giving a 5-star rating, one being character perspective. In some instances, I had to re-read or read forward to determine point of view. But, overall, a great and creative story. As has been said before, ‘story trumps all.’; some obvious head-hopping could all be related in some manner to translation or English not being a first language.  Second, punctuation and format, but hey, small stuff. At approximately 160 pages, The Branches of Time is easily read in one sitting, but not easily read only once; a cliff hanging ending. You’ll pour over this a few times. Some adult content, so would not recommend for youngsters.




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