Snowbound is read by Jeffrey Kafer and just over seven hours of listening. A little short for my taste, but action packed. The story lifts off in the last two thirds of prose.

Rachael Innis is kidnapped and assumed murdered. There is a rush to judgement regarding Will Innis, her husband, and Will gathers up their eleven-year-old daughter, Devlin, and hides under the radar. Fast-forward fives years and the two are found by a former FBI agent who has lost her job because of an obsession regarding locating her missing sister, also kidnapped. In pursuit of the missing women, the three journey through the northwest mountainous terrain of Alaska, snowstorms, wild wolves, etc., to a ranch hidden in the woods.. Thus is the crux of Snowbound.

Reading by Jeffrey Kafer is problematic, voice of female vs male characters indiscernible, and a bit monotone. The story has some improbable moments. You’ll find yourself wondering. “Why don’t you….or…Why didn’t they…or…What happened to….” will be your mantra. Basically, a bit more work could have been done in editing and polishing. Very listenable and could easily have been longer.




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