About thirteen hours, read by Susan Erikson, Calculated in Death is book 36 in the In Death series. If you’re a fan of the series, you will be comfortable and feel as if you’ve slipped on some warm slippers. Eve Dallas is her usual snarky-smart self, Roarke the brainy-blue-eyed lover, Peapody, McNabb, etc.,  all the characters are represented. One thing I found interesting in this particular episode is the extraordinary cooperation on the part of all the potential suspects, everybody is as helpful as can be. Ergo, the reader will enjoy, more than usual, identifying the bad guy.

Erikson does a wonderful job with all the voices. She’s had several years to perfect the unique voice of each character, excellent reading as usual.

Nora Roberts has a winning formula with the In Death series, in story, characters, and narration. Calculated in Death does not disappoint. Not earth-shattering literature, but it is not intended to be … the formula is in tact. Enjoy!



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