Read by Sean Mangan, Beneath the Dark Ice is just under ten hours of listening. Reading was paced well, female vs male voices okay, no problem discerning who-says-what-to-who.

A corporate jet crashes through the ice of Antarctica, rescue workers immediately respond and disappear. Mystery lifts off immediately!

Formulaic in character construct as the story moves forward, however. We have a beautiful yet vulnerable, smart, female scientist lead, a type A macho hero with extraordinary strength, a weaselly milk-toast, a few ‘red-shirts’ that get eaten alive, some a bit gratuitously, in my opinion. Then there are the requisite hard boiled officers, the bad-guy Russians. Throw it all into a pot with nasty shrimp-like/lizardly/slimy creature and wormy things that have lived underground on humanoids and each other for millennia and voila … Beneath the Dark Ice!

Made for TV stuff that will likely never get made for TV?  I didn’t have any trouble finishing the story.



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