One Mississippi is about thirteen hours of listening, read by Jeff Woodman. It’s a coming of age tale. The reading by Woodman, albeit a heartfelt, creative effort, is very distracting … with singing throughout … ugh. The fact that the audiobook has an average rating of 4 stars has me puzzled … it’s not that good … plus, about twice as many audiobook reviews as the other formats. The story arc isn’t very well focused in that there are many side issues to the main thrust, which is a couple of guys romping through  juvenile mechanicalness and angst as they squirm or lie their way around guilt. There are several reviews that rave, several that pan, several readers think the book is hilarious. Frankly, I don’t fit into any pigeon hole on this tale, unless there is a category for ‘indifference’.  With One Mississippi I did learn something, though. If you are local to Mississippi, you call it: Missippi. Appears I’m not much help to potential readers, in that this review is very vague. So is the book. Not impressed. 




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