At just over 225 pages, Calculated Risk isn’t a long book, it can easily be read in one or two sittings. But, don’t start late at night, because you’ll be up into wee hours with this page-turning, well written mystery.

The fact that the setting is outer space is intriguing and fun to imagine, but the story is a mystery that supersedes place. I’m a sucker when it comes to the full mix in a novel. Lot’s of description, dialogue, and an unusual locale. Calculated Risk has it all. You’ll be right out there in deep space. Even though one would think this is SciFi, which it is, I guess … it’s a collage of Agatha Christie and Orson Scott Card or maybe Ray Bradbury. What fun!

This tale grabs your interest right away … beginning with a swashbuckling sword fight that you soon learn is not life and death, but Rafe, well … being Rafe. A charismatic male lead with a tragic past. Kama is a strong female lead  providing titillating tension with Rafe … secondary to the fact that she is a talented computer hacker. Together the two take the reader through life threatening danger (Imagine a ‘hull-breach’ or ‘bomb’ in outer space – yikes!), corporate intrigue mixed with deep space, mixed with murder and attempted murder. Combine this with several passages and lines you’ll pause to re-read, poetic prose – phrases a pleasure to savor. What’s not to love! Enjoyed this story, recommended.




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