Years ago, I read several SciFi books penned by Orson Scott Card. Although not my preferred genrè, and the Ender series is completely different than Bringer of Light, I was immediately struck by amazing world-building. Card’s ability to suspend your beliefs and immerse you into another environment is riveting. This is also the case with J. R. Boles. The cinematic descriptions in Bringer of Light are enchanting and lovely prose.

Regarding characters, dewey-eyed submissives are not allowed in the female leads in Bringer of Light, thank you very much! But, and this is a great aspect of this story, the author doesn’t have an in-your-face feminist attitude in any character. Most of the women are strong, capable, and in the world built by Boles assume no less. However, the lead is beautifully vulnerable, when appropriate for the story. Just great character development.

Stephen King is a believer that writing consists of three major elements: narration, description and dialogue. (On Writing published around 2007?) Bringer of Light has all that, to a degree unexpected from a new author.

Evil, death, fierce loyalty, love, a torture scene that will make you cringe, a conquering goodness, much, much more … and most fun of all … magic! Bringer of Light is a page-turner you will find difficult to put down. If  you start reading in the evening, be prepared to stay up too late … I did. Enjoyed!!




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