5.0 out of 5 stars Yesterday, November 26, 2014
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Having been the owner of many cats throughout the years, I loved the opening line of this novel. The cat and Mary, although not the major characters, are probably my favorites. The cat was, well, a typical cat. No need to explain if you’ve ever had one or more. And Mary was such a colorful character who gets your attention right away with the outrageous things she says. I can relate to her and her “twisted mind.” The two main characters were more your standard male/female romance novel characters, but both were people could get to know and empathize with.

But that’s not all that I liked about the novel. I am a fan of description, and the author makes excellent use of the five senses in her descriptions and actions. Most writers stick with seeing and hearing only. It also shows that the author did extensive research and included interesting aspects of the “past” lives (such a candle making). I knew little about Past Life Therapy before reading this book, but the author made this topic clear and alive and interesting as she wove it into the story.

…by RC

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