Know a young adult you’d like to get hooked on reading? Christmas is coming and the first two books of this series are great stocking stuffers!

In the first book, the dystopian world of Riley is presented with an immediate rush of adrenaline filled action. A well intended law, initiated by her mother, has backfired. The Taskforce has shown up on her doorstep, prepared to take Riley into custody for the mandatory Extraction. Your heart will thump within the first scenes as gunfire and blood pepper the pages. From this point forward, the story doesn’t slow down.

It’s apparent that a thrilling opening will become a signature of Renee N. Meland, because Between the Cracks and Burning Doors opens with an equally thundering scene. Cain, a character from the first novel, is a child severely abused by his father. In a desperate act, Cain kills his abuser, and almost instantly is thrust into an equally abusive situation. While hiding in an alley, he is witness to the brutal beating of a priest and steps in to the rescue.

Thrilling? You bet! Well worth the investment of time, even for someone uninterested in YA or dystopian literature. But, most importantly, this author has opened the door for many young adult readers. I’ve always thought that if a YA author can get one kid love a book they have given that child the gift of a lifetime. How great is that?

Very much enjoyed these stories, recommended.



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