I want to grow up to be a house sitter like Lila. What a great gig! Live in these beautiful homes, rent free, take care of sweet animals. Nice job, if you can get it. đŸ™‚ While doing her fabulous job in a gorgeous apartment, Lila witnesses a murder in an apartment out her window. Sound like a familiar premise? You’re right, the Jimmy Stewart movie, Rear Window. That is where any familiarity to that film noir ends, however. From this point forward, it’s all Nora Roberts. But, not one of her best efforts. I listened to the audiobook version. The two female leads came across as ‘valley-girlish’, the men way too alpha. Lot’s of strange fascination with stiletto shoes, the sparkly the better … a dead giveaway to female characters that are on the shallow side, or a transparent attempt to appeal to airheads? Just me, likely. The book (maybe the author?) has many fans.

Not my cup ‘o tea. However, if you’re a fan of Nora Roberts, you’ll be okay with this book. There are a few thousand reviews, ergo not much more I can add.




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