Gone Girl is long, about twenty hours. No complaints there, like ‘m long. This story is a first person account read by Julia Whelan and Kirby Heyborne, each taking the roles of the individual characters of Amy and Nick Dunne respectively. Chapters or scenes are alternating voices of the lead characters. Nicely done.

The story is of a dysfunctional marriage, a tale of two people equally devious in personality. Although this is revealed throughout a few thousand reviews, the plot is a straightforward account of a wife faking her own death to exact revenge on an unfaithful spouse. The police do the typical rush to judgement, i.e., the husband is guilty. Which he is, of infidelity and being a jerk, but of murder? No spoilers. Lots of twists. Let’s just say they are both guilty of something and leave it there. The writing is excellent. The narration is excellent. Enjoy.



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