Clairvoyance, visions, good, evil, love, shape-shifters, death, birth, the carnage of The American Civil War … all this sounds like an incongruous combination, no? Stir it all up, with much, much more, and you’ll have a rich stew that is A Fine Line, by J. C. Brennan. This is a terrific break-out novel, the first in a series. Maybe a bit of a spoiler, but not much: This book ends with ‘to be continued’. You’ll be anxious for the sequel; I am!

A Fine Line begins with the accounting of Caroline’s gifts, her inexplicable ability to get into someone’s head, talk to them … and in the process wins the heart of William T. Healthaway II, the main character. From this point forward, continue to suspend your beliefs and enjoy the world J. C. Brennan has created. It’s a fun ride.

There is only one reason I can’t go 5 stars with this story, and that is punctuation. But … as Steven King has said, “story trumps all”, and in that sense, A Fine Line is a winner. Enjoyed!



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