First, a minor caveat: I don’t review poetry. With Timeless Ink, however, I’d like to make an exception, and recommend the book to poetry lovers. I’m not educated in the process of poetry, and basically have no basis for making any comments other than to convey my likes or dislikes. Frankly, I don’t think my formal understanding of poetry is that unusual. Most people are not ballet dancers, but they enjoy the ballet. A good portion of opera goers have no idea what the lyrics mean in any literal fashion unless they speak the language … but, music lovers attend the opera anyway, and enjoy.

That said, I really, really enjoyed Timeless Ink. The poems are stories, glimpses into a psyche. I would imagine, like most angst ridden poetry, that the creation of this, the actually writing of the words, was cathartic and healing. I think it may be for some readers, too. At any rate, not being schooled in poetry, I can only say, “I liked it.”, and let you be your own judge.



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