Dick Hill. One of the best! Sorry to say, First to Kill isn’t one of the best. The lead character, Nathan McBride, will remind you of another type A, take no prisoners, kick-ass, fundamentally soft-hearted former military dude. Maybe it’s the fact that Dick Hill narrated First to Kill. If you read primarily via audiobook format, such as I, Connelly’s Jack Reacher is brought to mind. Hill is the voice of Reacher in all of that series, as far as I know.

First to Kill is a thriller, centering on high-level politics and skullduggery covertly pulling our main character into a revenge laced situation. Lot’s of characters to keep track of, a few twists, but the bad-guys are well known throughout. Mild love interest interspersed … just because it’s expected, I guess. Didn’t add anything to the story. A little trouble holding my interest and sadly, I didn’t rewind, just kept moving forward.



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