At approximately 300 pages, Blood Vengeance is the first book in a SciFi trilogy. The story is centered in New Orleans, post Katrina. The author has done a significant degree of research, as the flavor and ambiance of New Orleans is wonderfully presented, from the cemeteries through the French Quarter, and the 9th Ward. You’ll feel like you are there.

Blood Vengeance opens with the brutal abduction of Abigail and her subsequent rescue by a handsome stranger, Vincent Adcock. Vincent is a vampire, albeit a good-guy vampire. Somewhat predictably, these two fall in love. However, there are some terrific character surprises the reader will enjoy. Abigail is gifted with the ability to communicate with spirits, and her mind is not easily controlled by Vincent or the other vampires that are part of Vincent’s world.

The vampires of New Orleans hunt. They hunt bad guys. Abigail needs them to hunt on her behalf and help find her sister. Steamy sex throughout, with a handsome vampire, no less  Blood Vengeance is an enjoyable read, a bit dark, satisfying ones hunger for romance, good-guys, bad-guys, murder, voodoo, and the wondrous New Orleans. Who could ask for anything more?



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