Just over 215 pages in length, The Watchers, by J. A. Glass, is a terrific young adult story. Don’t hesitate to encourage a youngster to enjoy this SciFi journey. The story opens with a disturbing future of pre-pubesent youth being pigeonholed into lives determined by the ‘watchers’. Invasive implants, like those involving eyes, are mandatory. They are intended, so everyone is led to believe, to protect civilization from itself. At all times, at least 1/3 of the implants are ‘activated’, ergo one never knows when what you see and feel is being ‘watched’. The crime rate is low, so most don’t argue with the philosophy.

One of these people is a doctor, suddenly confronted with an implant surgery involving a 6-year-0ld little girl. Something is not right; implants are not performed on children so young. Thus is the basis of a wild adventure for this young doctor: Protecting the little girl, Annalie.

A nice, exciting story.



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