Read by Scott Brick, The Skin Gods is just over thirteen hours of listening. A crime drama, the evil doer re-creates murder scenes from dark movies, the first of several being the shower scene from Psycho – the old Alfred Hitchcock classic with a young Janet Leigh. He replaces the original scene with his snuff work and returns the VHS to the local video rental store (remember those?).  Thus begins The Skin Gods.

Frankly, I had a bit of trouble with this novel, maybe it’s the horrific murder recreation. It’s pretty gruesome, ergo, I would squirm, then fast-forward a few times. The cops are desperate, the killer relentless. No character is the type-a macho dude or dude-ette to root for, neither a cop nor the bad guy. Just one frustrating situation after another. Not a bad story, by any means, but not my “cup ‘o tea”. 

Scott Brick, as usual , is terrific. So, there’s that.



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